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My Signature Topics

All my signature topics can be presented in a 90-minute interactive workshop or a 45-minute keynote address, and customized to meet the precise needs of your audience.

Beat Burnout: Gender & Sustainable Success

  • What is burnout & how does it impact men and women differently?
  • How to push back on our burnout culture & the martyrdom mindset
  • 3 specific research-driven strategies for sustainable success

Own Your Voice: Assertive Communication

  • The key differences between aggressive and assertive communication
  • The risks & benefits of being a more assertive leader
  • How to align your verbal, vocal, & visual communication to own your voice like a boss!

Combat Unconscious Gender Bias

  • Understanding second-generation gender bias
  • Identifying and checking our own bias
  • Practices and protocols to mitigate bias in hiring, assignments, and promotions

Other Trainings & Presentations

Vision: Cultivate a Leadership Identity

Ground attendees in their leadership purpose through envisioning their lives and careers years into the future. Introduce the concept of a leadership identity as a skill that is practiced and develops over time through strategic action-taking in the face of uncertainty.

Negotiation: Know Your Worth

Unpack the concept of negotiation and it’s omnipresence in everyday life. Walk through an interactive simulation of salary negotiation in particular. Provide the facts on the benefits of negotiation and the lifelong ramifications for failing to ask.

Networking: Grow Your Community

Teach participants the art of developing meaningful relationships in new networking environments. Practice asking for what we need and presenting what we have to offer in a succinct elevator pitch, and learn how to leave a conversation when necessary.

Crafting Your Online Brand

In today’s world, we all have an online brand, whether we’re intentional about it or not. Here we drill down on what our goals are online and what audiences we’re really speaking to. We review best practices surrounding privacy issues and search engine optimization as a way to draw attention to the messages we want others to see.

Balancing Multiple Goals: Strategies for Long-Term Achievement

Harkening back to the visions participants set earlier in the training, explain the cognitive science behind long-term goal attainment and provide practical tools for purposefully pursuing multiple long-term goals without guilt.

Past Audiences Include

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  • Emilie’s ‘Boss, Not Bossy’ presentation stood out as one of the best of our 7th Annual Women’s Leadership Conference! The energy she brought to her talk, and to the conference as a whole, was absolutely contagious.

    Yale Women's Leadership Initiative
  • Emilie connects stories from her own experience with pragmatic advice to guide women through the barriers they will face in the workplace. Her suggestions are simple, memorable, and actionable.

    Alan Harlem
    Alan Harlem
    Brown University
  • There was so much buzz after the event that the following week one of my male colleagues reached out to me to ask if I could share some of the strategies from the workshop with him!

    Bonnie McGowan
    Bonnie McGowan
    Dixon Hughes Goodman
  • Emilie shared a novel perspective on the fundamental difference between being assertive versus aggressive, and provided actionable strategies to achieving long and short-term professional and personal goals in a healthy way.

    Chicago Booth School of Business, Women in Business
  • Emilie designed and delivered a powerful training for my law students. She introduced them to a variety of practical techniques aimed at helping them achieve both success in their legal workplaces and wellbeing in the rest of their lives.

    Professor Paula Monopoli
    Professor Paula Monopoli
    University of Maryland School of Law
  • The personal stories really resonated with our audience. Emilie breaks down barriers by sharing her own stories of struggle and triumph so openly.

    Laura Ewan
    Laura Ewan
  • During our retreat, Emilie led our Young Women Leadership Council in exercises that helped understand key qualities required to be a boss in life and the workplace. We all gained great advice through this retreat that we will certainly take back to our workplaces and home.

    YWCA National Capital Area
  • Emilie was knowledgeable, inspiring and fun! Our guests said the insights shared by Emilie were extremely valuable and worthwhile, especially given everyone’s hectic schedules.

    Trish Kelly
    Trish Kelly
    Quinnipiac University


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